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Many businesses have not yet realised the benefits of applying project management methodology to solve strategic planning issues. At OXMS our fundamental philosophy is that all key objectives can be achieved more reliably by handling them as projects, which are set up, executed, and closed in a methodical fashion. This broader application of project management can create substantial business success and offer you a sure-fire route to achieving your objectives.

This key philosophy is strengthened by OXMS’s commitment to train clients' staff to apply project management principles and methodology more extensively. Target areas include business planning and implementation, marketing, and change projects.

At OXMS our approach is to help enterprises to achieve three primary business capabilities:

  • to develop the Business Strategies and Plans that they require
  • to manage the Projects that they have planned
  • to develop the New Products and Services that they need

These three key capabilities lie at the core of every business and are primary optimisation targets. Most enterprises see these activities in isolation, often overlooking the important linkages between them. OXMS has developed a methodology for establishing and managing these linkages, creating added value and sustained commercial success. This enables clients to develop strategies, conduct projects, and develop products within a coherent and co-operative framework.

Business Process

To help drive the attainment of the three key business capabilities, OXMS provides training and mentoring to enable clients to apply new management techniques. We seek to empower our clients by offering them tools and methodologies that they can use after the consultancy project is over.  OXMS provides high impact consulting. The benefits of our consultancy to clients are strong, incisive, and rapid. The impact of an OXMS intervention is rigorously planned and deeply felt. OXMS enables clients to conceive their vision of the future, to devise strategies to achieve these goals, and to harness the power of effective project management. In essence OXMS helps transform your vision into reality.