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The first aim of any enterprise is to survive; to move forward in time as a going concern. In today's environment of rapid and continuous change, survival can be a real challenge. A second aim is to prosper, both in terms of bottom-line profitability and competitive standing. OXMS enables companies to achieve both these aims.

A common challenge facing smaller enterprises is that they often do not possess the spectrum of management skills available in larger enterprises. This broad range of skills is necessary to ensure success and financial survival. A lack of such skills can lead to a business strategy that is insufficiently robust, which poorly positions the company in its market, and leads to missed opportunities.

OXMS has a close association with a broad selection of consultants within the business support field. Thus we are able to help in most business support situations.

OXMS can undertake a top-down analysis of your business, identifying key areas of desired improvement. Having identified these, OXMS can formulate and implement a programme to effect the necessary changes, enabling clients to attain a new, more competitive standing in the markets in which they operate.


Competitive Positioning & Planning

Competitive positioning is fundamental to determining strategy and company direction. It needs to take into account the three C’s:

  • Company
  • Competitors
  • Customers

From this analysis we can determine which new products or services should be developed and the ideal target markets for these products. Such moves can be regarded as product development, market development or diversifications, which involve a company taking positive risks in order to maximise its opportunities, and keep at the forefront of technology and product development. Making the optimal strategic choices are critical to business success.


Such product or market development definitions should naturally be translated into key objectives, which should in-turn be set up and managed as projects.

Strategic Review Service

Your organisation could benefit from a strategic review. We offer a free initial review consultation session for local businesses. This review helps to identify and clarify key strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats. An analysis of your customer and competitor environment is also essential. We are able to offer incisive help in the area of competitive strategy and market positioning. This review is extremely beneficial as we will be able to pinpoint a progressive series of ideas to help you move your business forward.

Planning Service

For the organisation, which already possesses well-defined objectives, OXMS is able to help by transforming that major objective into a well-planned project or, in the case of complex undertakings, a programme of planned projects.

Implementation Services

If you are short of project management capacity or simply want a reliable expert to realise a key objective, then we can also help you. You will be able to closely monitor the project as it progresses towards its goal.

Strategy & Planning Systems

You may recognise the need to have a system, which includes regular strategic reviews as a prelude to setting new strategic objectives and optimisations of your business plans. We are able to assist with the establishment of such a capability. Combined with establishing a project management system, this can give you a cohesive framework for on-going business success.

Some example scenarios where we can provide help include:

  • Start-up
  • Growth
  • Market diversification
  • Internal change
  • Operational improvement
  • Joint venture or consortia projects
  • Enterprise relocation
  • Merger and acquisition