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'Project management is the science of defining and achieving goals, and transforming vision into reality.'
  -Paul Ovington

Gantt ChartSuccessful project management is vital to a growing number of companies today. It is often the one factor that can make or break a new product or service. OXMS can offer more than a dozen different project management consultancy services, ranging from the setting up of an appropriate project management methodology to the implementation of the most advanced project management techniques.
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Nowadays many extremely complex business initiatives are still undertaken without a project-based approach. This often leads to failure, delay, and escalating costs. The science of project management has been developed to address all the challenges and hazards one is likely to meet during such endeavours. Projects are multi-faceted challenges, which require the effective management of schedule, logistics, quality, cost, and co-ordination in a cohesive and controlled fashion. The organisation that can master project management has a distinct competitive advantage over other players in their market.

We are fully conversant in traditional project management methodologies such as PMI and PRINCE2. However, we use key aspects of other effective methodologies such as Goal Directed Project Management and Strategic Project Leadership. Additionally, we are able to add our own methodology, crafted from our experience of executing numerous successful projects.

OXMS strives to provide more than the conventional project management consultancy package. It also aims to help clients to deepen their understanding of project management, and to recognise how they should apply it. OXMS will assist clients to define project management roles and framework, in order to facilitate structured planning. Vital links to other key management functions are also strengthened. To support our clients in implementing better project management, we can provide extensive training and mentoring which is directly relevant to the client's business needs. OXMS focuses the client's attention on methods and techniques which can be quickly adopted and have maximum benefit. In prescribing a methodology, OXMS will take into account the current level of the client's project management experience, together with the competitive and market pressures.

At OXMS we take pride in our emphasis on Applied Project Management. We are not just exponents of the science in its pure form, but combine our theoretical knowledge with in-depth experience of the complex environments in which it is used. This gives you a far superior result.

OXMS is also happy to run client projects and programmes on an interim or retained basis. This can be done in parallel with coaching and mentoring the client's project personnel. This mode of operation offers an extremely effective method of upgrading a client's project management capability. This inevitably leads to an enterprise, which has the ability to achieve objectives more quickly and more reliably.