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Coupled with our expertise in project management, OXMS also provides an enviable product development service. Our product development expertise is weighted primarily towards high-tech companies. High-tech companies today are under continual pressure to develop products within increasingly aggressive time-scales and with higher financial risks. OXMS can help companies to develop products more quickly while still maintaining the right quality standards. OXMS has the expertise and know-how to co-ordinate the development of some of the world's most complex and demanding products.

Effective product development begins with clear product definition. Competitive Analysis will help define the new product attributes, which are crucial for the product to succeed in a given market. OXMS is able to assist clients with these critical analysis and planning processes.

OXMS can also help you develop, or optimise, a documented product development system, incorporating several engineering disciplines. This will enable you to fulfil high-risk development and production programmes to exacting time-scales. It is well known that time to market has a crucial influence on a new product's lifetime profitability. Linking sound development methodology with a robust project management philosophy enables the development of complex products in a timely and reliable fashion.

OXMS can provide consultancy in a number of fields including electronics, software engineering, digital systems design, silicon chip design, analogue design, radio frequency design, mechanical engineering, material science, physics, chemistry, manufacturing engineering and large systems development.

The markets covered by these technologies range from IT systems, LAN, WAN, routers, GPS, telecoms, wireless communications, mobile phones, industrial controls, computer systems, instrumentation, defence, and aerospace.

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