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Our Approach

Gantt chartOur service helps you with two critical areas of concern:

  • The planning and hands-on implementation of major projects and programmes
  • Implanting project management capability into your organisation

Your needs in the area of project and programme management may already be well defined. Alternatively, it may be that an initial investigation is necessary to clarify the benefits of project management for your organisation. We are excellent listeners. We are keen to find out where you are now and where you want to go. Having established this, we can help you plot a course of action. If your needs are clear and well defined, it is likely that we can start implementing a solution almost immediately. We place a very strong emphasis on applied, rather than theoretical, project management, and focus on methodologies and techniques that will work in practice within your organisation. In most cases, our expertise in project management is combined with in-depth knowledge of the specialist area in which the projects are run.

We are also able to take a holistic approach to your challenges. As well as having expertise in project management, we have considerable expertise in the areas of:

  • Competitive strategy and positioning 
  • Business and financial planning
  • Marketing strategy
  • Management skills and training

We find that a combination of our four main services is key to help you develop a meaningful project and programme management capability:


This is a highly cost-effective and flexible method of performance improvement, which can be implemented in any desired combination and at any organisational level.


We offer a core project management service, that is :

  • Project management of a large and/or critical project
  • Provision of programme management for a portfolio of projects

Many of our clients ask us to define and set up a project or programme which they can then execute themselves. Taking advantage of our project planning services can considerably enhance the probability of your success.

If the risks or time schedule involved in your crucial project are causing you great concern , you can rest assured that Oxford Management Solutions Ltd can help. We can handle complex product development as well as organisational change projects in the form of strategy implementation. Projects and programmes can be managed in either a part-time or full-time mode, on an interim or longer-term basis.


  • Training in accepted methodologies
  • Intensive short training courses, such as:
    • Project & Programme Management – The Big Picture (1-day)
    • The Essence of Project Management Success  (1-day)
    • Project Essentials for Engineering Teams  (1-day)
    • Foundation Course in Project Management (2-day)
    • Software Project Management (5-day in half day modules)
    • Technical Aspects of Project Planning (5-day in half day modules)
    • Behavioural Aspects of Project Management – Soft Skills (1 day)
  • Bespoke training according to precise needs and requests
    See Training for more detailed information



  • Linkage with product development methodology and quality systems 
  • Project Manager mentoring and coaching 
  • Facilitating the quick and easy adoption of new project management methodology
  • Introducing an appropriate Project Lifecycle model



  • Project troubleshooting and recovery
  • Project and project-environment health checks
  • Establishing a resource management system
  • Skills profiling and creating a technical skills management system
  • Establishing a Project Office to give corporate level overview and PM support
  • Establishing strong links between corporate strategy and Programme Management
  • Integrating marketing planning with the project management process
  • Establishment of a Project Management Methodology consistent with the company   situation - i.e. considering project management maturity level and market pressures and demands

Project management is the science of transforming vision into reality.