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Oxford Management Solutions Ltd focuses on core issues relevant to an enterprise's ability to define strategy, to develop plans, and to deliver according to those plans. OXMS also aims to provide clients with a comprehensive service in terms of business performance improvement. To realise these goals OXMS develops relationships with other organisations to complement its own strengths, enabling an exceptionally broad range of solutions to be offered.

Furthermore, OXMS seeks to push forward the boundaries of knowledge in terms of new and unique methodologies and techniques. The focus is on practical and incisive approaches to solving business problems and optimising business performance.

OXMS is therefore keen to establish relationships with organisations offering expertise in complementary areas of consultancy, training, and methodology. We are a great believe in creating synergy. Through our network we are able to analyse and implement changes in the mainstream business areas:

  • PartnersBusiness Strategy & Planning
  • Business Mentoring & Support
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Web-based Solutions
  • Production & Supply Chain
  • New Product Development
  • Financing
  • Accountancy and Bookkeeping
  • Project & Programme Management
  • Organisation & Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Management & Leadership
  • Change Management

Whether you would like to explore the possibilities of being an associate, affiliate or possible joint venture, please get in touch.

We would also be pleased to hear from experts providing services in very specific or specialised areas.

If you wish to discuss potential relationships please contact us using the Contact Us options.