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NemeriX SA, Switzerland
Oxford Management Solutions Ltd. were contracted as consultants for NemeriX for a 6 months period, from June to December, 2002. OXMS supplied their director, Paul Ovington in a near full-time role as an interim Program Manage …. Read more


Picsel Technologies
Picsel Technologies Ltd is a high growth software company developing innovative File Viewer and Brower products to major OEM’s in the mobile phone and PDA space. …Read more


Peterborough City Council
Towards the end of 2004 Peterborough City Council opened a new Programme & Project Management division of the Chief’s Executives Department. ….Read more

Intrynsic Europe
OXMS provide its intensive 1-day course entitled the Essence of Project Management Success to 24 senior nengineers and project managers.

Creative Labs
Oxford Management Solutions Ltd. were contracted as consultants for 3Dlabs for a five months period, from November 2003 to March, 2004, inclusive.    ….Read more 

Skills South East
OXMS help devise and formalise a change management programme to enhance several aspects of SSE, in a bid to stimulate the South East’s economy.

Oxford & Cherwell Valley College
OXMS develop and deliver a 1-year training course for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM Level 3).

Smiths Detection (1)
OXMS developed a comprehensive, bespoke project management training course in high-technology project management. A 5-day training course was delivered to 6 teams of project managers, senior engineers, and scientists.

OXMS train two sizeable teams of project managers and senior engineers in the Essence of Project Management Success

Small Business Solutions Ltd
OXMS help SBS to develop and deliver two one-day workshops for companies being displaced by the 2012 Olympics.

OXMS develop a 5-day modular course in Software Project Management for their Russian outsource development house.

Surrey Business Link
OXMS are brought in to recover Surrey’s Busines Leaders campaign. This campaign was to recruit business owners and directors onto training schemes in leadership and business strategy. This was part of a national drive to stimulate growth. Despite having only 4.5 months to recover an almost impossible position, OXMS helped Surrey meet their full target.

Smiths Detection (2)
OXMS revamped the whole product develop system and complimented it with a phased project management system. The new system is represented in a user-friendly online graphical form and is supported be clearly written project management procedures.

Smiths Detection (3)
OXMS undertook the project management of the final development phase and productionisation of an advanced chemical agent detector. This enabled Smiths Detection to realise a substantial programme to supply to the US Government.