Technical Aspects of Project Management Competency 2 - Supplementary Skills & Knowledge Areas | Print |

Duration : 2 days

Course Outline:
This course is supplementary to the first course in the technical aspects of project management and covers the essential supplementary ingredients necessary for project success. Again, these are regarded as ‘hard skills’.

Who should attend:
• Project managers requiring an essential skill set

Participants will gain:
• An essential toolset for managing successful projects

Course Contents:

Section 1 :  Configuration Management
• What is Configuration Management
• Planning Configuration Management
• Establishing a Configuration Management Library
• Identifying and Controlling Configuration Items
• Change Control
• Establishing, Managing and Communicating Baselines

Section 2 :  Quality Assurance
• What is Quality Assurance
• Planning quality assurance activities
• Verification, Validation and Audit
• Managing Deviations

Section 3 :  Integrated Product Development
• Establishing Customer Requirements
• Identification, Negotiation and Tracking of Critical Dependencies
• Technical Reviews and Interchanges

Section 4 : Reviews Systems
• Different Forms of Reviews
• Example Peer Review System
• Planning Peer Reviews
• Performing Reviews
• Recording Review Results