The Field of Project & Programme Management – The ‘Big Picture’ | Print |

Duration : 1 days

Course Outline:

This course is designed as a highly interactive workshop style session where we explore the whole field of project management. The central theme and question is how do we create a situation and an environment where we can execute projects more successfully. This may be an eye-opener to many, but it enables us to get a better perspective on the whole subject area. This session will be extremely useful for organisations embarking on or contemplating a sustained improvement campaign. In particular, the insight gained will enable organisations to realise the scope and depth of the business benefits to be gained and to determine the key areas to focus improvement effort.

Who should attend:

• Project and programme managers
• Technical project specialists
• Senior managers and project sponsors

Participants will gain:
• A broader perspective of project and programme management
• An awareness of all the potential roads to improvement
• A realisation that improvement project management is a journey rather than a destination

Course Contents:

• What is project management and what does it entail?
• What is programme management and what does it entail?
• Common misperceptions of project management
• Project Lifecycles
• Product Lifecycles and product genealogy
• Project management in various environments
• What do project managers do?
• Project management and its relation to business management
• Project management systems – what do they consist of?
• A Day After Tomorrow – a clear vision of a brighter future
• The benefits of improving project management
• Ways in which project management can be improved
• Project process improvement – designing, following and optimising a system
• Understanding the true nature of projects:
• A base point for running successful projects within an organisation
• Using projects to improve the organisation’s delivery capability
• Competence of technical specialists
• Project management competence
• Improving project management competence
• Core competencies and skills, e.g. as represented by the PMI framework
• Other skills and dimensions – behavioural dimension
• Project managers operating in imperfect environments
• Overview of a PM technical skills programme
• Overview of a PM behavioural skills programme