As well as offering integrated training during the consultancy and mentoring process, OXMS is developing training options that can be delivered on an individual and one-off basis.

Project Management Training for High-Technology Companies

These courses are specifically geared towards high-technology companies engaged in new product development. Technologies covered include electronics, software, microelectronics, mechanical engineering, material science, physics, and chemistry. The training emphasises the effective application of project management.
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Project Management Training for Business

This portfolio is targeted at organisations and businesses who need to harness project management skills in order to meet their business objectives. It offers a unique blend of conventional project management tools and techniques, and unconventional wisdom gained from the successful execution of numerous demanding projects. The emphasis of the training is on the application of project management in real business situations.
The suite of training modules is designed to show how an organisation’s ‘delivery capabilities’ can be enhanced through a comprehensive understanding of project management techniques. Participants will understand how to transform their company’s vision into a specific set of business objectives, and then how to make these objectives a reality. Acquiring such a capability is fundamental to business success.

Individual modules in both the High-Tech and Business portfolios can include:

Foundation Course in Project Management : 2 days
A basic level course giving particiants a thorough grounding in the field of project management for business management situations.
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The Essence of Project Management Success : 1 day
This unique course focuses exclusively on principles and techniques for achieving project success. Participants will gain a knowledge of how these principles can give a major boost to productivity and ensure the successful achievement of goals.
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Technical Aspects of Project Management Competency 1 – Core Skills for Planning & Control : 3 days
This course covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of project management. It equips the participants with all the essential skills for project initiation, planning, and execution.
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Technical Aspects of Project Management Competency 2 – Supplementary Skills & Knowledge Areas : 2 days
This is a complement to the core skills course and concentrates on the following essential areas: Configuration Management, Quality, Risk, Integrated Product Development, and Review Systems.
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Behavioural Aspects of Project Management : 1 day
This training is designed to equip the project manager with key soft skills of project management, including Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Coordination, Predictive Capability, Negotiation, Control, Problem Management, Prioritisation, Time Management & Productivity, and Personal Organisation.
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The following course is applicable to the high-technology portfolio only

The Field of Project & Programme Management –  The ‘Big Picture’ :
1 day

This is an interactive workshop which explores the broad applications of project and programme management. It gives an overview of the benefits of such methods, and shows how they can be used by an organisation to determine routes to future improvement. It enables participants to see how they can establish such a programme and reap the benefits from doing so.
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These courses are customisable based on the client’s situation and needs. Consultation is advised to identify the ideal solution based on current capabilities and market pressure.
We like to take into account the specialist field in which you work when developing the material for delivery. This gives you greater value and applicability.

Business Strategy, Planning, and Implementation Courses

The SPI series of courses are designed to help you tackle pressurised situations where your company must achieve major business objectives. We teach you to analyse the situation, formulate the strategy, and develop winning project plans. Your chances of success will be improved significantly.

Strategy, Planning and Implementation for Early Stage Businesses : 1 day
When starting a new business, or planning business growth, your chances of success will be significantly enhanced if you take a systematic approach to strategy, planning, and implementation. On this course we encourage you to analyse your market situation, and become critically aware of your competitive standing and positioning. Having devised a winning high-level strategy, we will show you how to translate this into a robust plan that can be implemented. We will also demonstrate how some fundamentals of project management methodology can ensure that you meet your goals and gain maximum benefits for your business.
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Change Management and Planning Business Change : 1 day
The world is becoming an increasingly dynamic place; we often have to make significant changes to survive and to keep ahead of the latest developments. This course will show you the key challenges associated with change, and how to plan and manage change. Understanding the classic hazards of change is fundamental to formulating an effective plan and seeing the plan through to its successful conclusion.
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Implementing a Company Relocation Plan
Occasionally, due to expansion, merger, or displacement, it may be necessary to move the entire organisation to an alternative location. Initially, management may classify this as a physical relocation challenge. However, there are many diverse issues, which need to be assessed and planned for when faced with such a move. This workshop-based course will take you through all the aspects you need to consider, and will demonstrate how they can be handled by managing the relocation as a specific project. By doing so you will be better equipped to tackle all the issues that need to be addressed in a timely and trouble-free fashion.
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